We are your perfect pick if you plan to organize a grand party and are looking for pizza delivery in the West Village. We believe that food preparation is an art that requires a chef to evoke soul within a dish.

What Makes Our Pizza Special?

From dough flour, olive oil, and mozzarella cheese, we use all fresh and authentic ingredients. After all, how can one possibly hope to bake a great pizza without the perfect ingredients? We use fresh tomatoes, dairy-fresh cheese, and no wilting veggies to make our pizzas.

For the pizza to be fantastic, it must be crispy. The toppings should be well-cooked, the cheese should be melted, and everything should be served hot, which is all you will find in our pizza.

In other words, we at Unregular Pizza are masters of making LIP-SMACKING PIZZAS and DELIVERING them at LIGHTNING-FAST SPEED. When your taste buds crave something cheesy and delicious, there is no other option as fantastic as Unregular Pizza.

Our superb pizza slices have evenly distributed toppings. For example, if you ask for a special pizza with pepperonis, mushrooms, and olives, each slice will prominently display all three ingredients.

If the pizza has too much sauce on it, the other ingredients may be overpowered, and the dough may get soggy. Thus, we ensure that tomato sauce is applied evenly to each pizza slice

When the cheese spreads out between bites, you know you’re enjoying a fantastic slice of pizza. Our pizza has evenly melted stringy cheese without sopping up too much wetness. Additionally, the cheese on our pizza adheres to the dough firmly. All this makes us the best pizza delivery in the West Village.

Fantastic Catering Service:

Regardless of the size of the event you are throwing, we can be your flawless catering partner.
We know how important any celebration is for an individual. We strictly abide by the time and commitments set by the client. You will find all the arrangements at the place without having to go through any hassle. Give us a chance to cater, and we will leave no stones unturned to deliver state-of-the-art service.

How to Get Our Catering Service?

To experience our excellent catering service, all you have to do is contact us through the information given below, and in no time, we will be at your place to discuss your requirements. We will go the extra mile to foster the best experience.

So, without giving a second thought, get set to delight the taste buds of your guests with our delicious pizzas and make the party all the more fun and exciting.

Address: Unregular Pizza
135 4th Avenue
New York, NY, 10003