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best pizza in newyork

Our founder Mr. Gabriele Lamonaca has YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the hotel and catering industry and has served countless top-notch clients. Mr. Lamonaca’s expertise in delivering to the demands of clients is unexceptional.

Welcome To Our Restaurant

Our pizzas will give you out-of-the-world pleasure with the perfect blend of FLAVORFUL SPICES and PRECISE BAKING. Not to mention the EXTRA LOADED CHEESE that offers satisfaction like no other restaurant.

Our family history

The journey of Unregular Pizza started with a barter system, in which the founder gave Pizza in exchange for a homemade dish by his pals. His kind gesture continues till today, which is the biggest attraction for the customers.

best pizza in newyork

When your taste buds crave something cheesy and delicious, there is no other option as fantastic as Unregular Pizza. An authentic Italian pizza is more than simply a meal; it is the perfect delight for your mouth. Our menu is diverse & caters to the various needs of the customers.

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Our Great team

Whether you are hosting a small party or a grand function, we can be your PERFECT CATERING PARTNER. Our chefs and team members can serve the BEST PIZZAS TO YOUR GUESTS with the utmost hospitality, and you will experience an outstanding service like never before. Masters of Making Authentic Roman-Style Pizzas

Gabriele Lamonaca

Executive Chef

Tommaso Mazzarella
Business Operations

Marketing & PR